Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Traveling the World, Racket in Hand

Goal Reached!

Thank you everyone, who donated to help me achieve my goal to get to the Pan American Jr. Championships!  You can follow my travels on this blog!

My name is Matthew Henderson; I am 16 years old and currently attending St Andrew's Regional High School as well as the Canadian Sport School (a program for high performance athletes). I am a dedicated, motivated, and hard-working squash player coached by Ben Uliana at Cedar Hill Squash Club. This year I achieved a career high 3rd in the provincials and 5th in the Boys U17 age category at the 2014 National Championships in Toronto. Currently I am ranked 2nd in the Province and 9th in the country. I am eligible to make the Canadian Jr. National team in 2016 to go to the worlds.  To reach the international stage I need to start getting international competition.

I have been fortunate enough to make the Canadian Junior Team going to the Pan American Jr. Team Championships in San Salvador, El Salvador. I am very excited for this event and am working hard to prepare myself.  This event is the opportunity I need to take my squash to the next level, it will allow me to get challenging competition as well as great experiences for future events.  Maintaining my level of play requires lots of courts time and physical training on top of keeping my grades in the high 80's.  The demands of an athletes' schedule leave little opportunity to maintain steady employment.  I  help Benjamin Uliana and Phil Green with group programming at Cedar Hill which helps cover some costs.  This summer I will be working full time to earn money to cover my expenses to tournaments next season and the remainder of my expenses to El Salvador.

The only problem is the financial constraints while in school and training. I am asking if you will help support my expenses for this event.  I will be able to represent Canada and keep improving as a young athlete to represent Cedar Hill at this event and future events.  With your help this can be achieved.  Please use the link below to share.  

I need to raise $2,500 by June 12th, 2014

I will take you with me to San Salvador, and this competition by keeping this blog updated during the event, with photos and descriptions of the matches we are playing.
Thank you very much for your support.
Matthew Henderson

$2500 donated : $0 to go

(if you are unable to see the graph below it is because you may be using safari web browser on an iPhone or iPad.  using a different web browser will change this, we searching for a solution)

Thanks you to our donors:
Henderson Parents
John Roche
Gord Sloan
Brian Skilling 
Al Vandenberg
Schafer Family
Paula & Michael Gaube
Trevor Maryka
Neil Henderson
Maira Aurucci
John and Marg Uliana
Cedar Hill Women's Round Robin
Shawn McQuitty
Maxx Yuen
Christian Yuen
Rachel Yuen
Yuen Family
Jack Vereecken
Dave Wheaton
Marco Pimintell

Koji Shum
Judith Elkins
Urmas Anniko
Jim Hopkins

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