Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 6

Our day started off with a early 9:00 am start by playing Brazil. The day brought some unfortunate events as well as some good ones. Our number one, David caught the flu this morning and was feeling it all day. This meant that our order of play would change, we had Matthew at number one, Stefan at number two, and Devin at number three. 
Matthew started it off a little nervous because he was playing position one, but he overcame it and won 3-0. Stefan had a close game with a couple of good come backs but he also finished with a strong 3-0. To finish of the day with Brazil we had Devin also win 3-0. 
After our matches were finished David was feeling very poor and we had to go back to the hotel so he could rest. We decided to go check out the mall that was close by because we had the rest of the day off. David stayed at the hotel but the rest of us went and hope for cheaper prices, but they ended up being very similar except for food. This is when Devin started to feel sick aswell, so we went back to the hotel and everyone had a good rest. 
We will be playing Guatamala tomorrow at 8:15 sharp which will be a very early start. Our starting line up will be the same as today with Brazil, Matt at one, Stefan at two, and Devin at three. Hopefully this flu is only a short term thing and Devin and David will be ready to go for tomorrow. We are still very determined to finished the best we possibly can and that means we must get through Guatamala tomorrow.

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